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The Joseph Markwardt Stella Music Box


I recently interviewed my father, Rev Dr James Klein about the Stella music box that belonged to my grandmother, Ruth Klein.  The music box was purchased by my great-great-great uncle Joseph Markwardt who was one of the first of my family to settle in Wisconsin.  My dad recounts the rather sad story surrounding the music box: Joseph Markwardt bought it as a gift for his fiancé who, shortly before the planned date of their wedding, left him.    My great grandfather and grandmother, who took care of Joseph Markwardt later in life, incorporated the Stella music box into their own family traditions, and it has remained in the family since that time.  My father tells the story of this musical instrument in the following audio clip; it also includes a few examples of the music it plays.


Here are a few photos of the Stella music box, the song disks, and Joseph Markwardt

IMG_0917   IMG_0914   IMG_0915